Pointing is our remote problem solving feature, which helps you to show people exactly what they need to do by tapping or drawing on a live video stream, or an image. 


Imagine you’re trying to help a family member to find the right settings for their WIFI router, but you're on opposite sides of the world. Start a Resolw video call and use Pointing to get to the bottom of things!



Our video calls are slightly different to some others you may have used, as we will automatically attempt to connect to the rear camera of the device used to initiate the call. This is so people can easily show you an issue at they're experiencing, without having to switch cameras - pretty handy when you're trying to help out someone who isn't super tech-savvy.


Now that you're actually able to actively view an issue someone might be facing, you can draw on your screen with a mouse or your fingertips, and they'll see exactly what you're doing - allowing you to guide them to the best solution, without even being there in person.