Resolw rooms are virtual! We built them to help connect you to people, even when you're miles apart. 



Each Room you create will come with a unique URL link, which acts as the key to that room.

As soon as someone opens the link and sends a message, Resolw will find your Room and start a session. You'll then have the option to chat, start calls, and more! Your room and its key are how Resolw connects you with the whole world. 

Resolw works intelligently. Each time a new visitor opens your link, they'll join a unique session which is hosted by your virtual room. If someone's already had a session with you, Resolw will load the session history and you can continue where you left off!




You can customise certain settings for each Room, like the display picture and the URL link extension. 




If you've invited others to become members of your Space, you can add them to a room (or multiple rooms), so they'll have access to all sessions hosted by that room, and they'll be assigned to host incoming sessions.