If you’re a single user of Resolw, you can skip this section as all incoming Sessions will be routed directly to you!



You'll need to be the Space owner, or an Admin, and the person you wish to add needs to be a verified member of your Space.


  1. To add a Space member to a Room, or change the routing order, head to the Room Settings
  2. Here, current members of the Room* are listed in routing order, with 1 being the first person that Resolw will try to connect to. 
    • If the person at position 1 in the routing order is busy or offline, the next incoming session will be routed to the person in position 2, and so on.
  3. Move Space Members up in the routing order by clicking the number to the left of their name. To move someone down in the routing order, simply use the up arrows to move the other members of the team higher.



*Space Members who have been added to Rooms will be able to view all Sessions hosted by that Room, even when they are not the assignee. Resolw only sends notifications of incoming messages and calls to the assignee!