Space Owner

If you're the person who first signed up to Resolw and created a Space, you're the Space Owner. In addition to the permissions of an admin and a member, Space Owners can:

  • Add new members
  • Handle the subscription/billing details
  • Change the name of the Space
  • Delete the Space
  • Transfer Space ownership




Admins need to be appointed by the Space Owner. In addition to the permissions of a member, admins can:

  • Create new rooms, and amend the room settings
  • Add and remove members from rooms
  • Change the routing order for rooms
  • Create Custom Sessions



Space Member

New members can be added by the Space Owner using their email address. Space Members can:

  • Use live chat, audio calls and video or image pointing calls during active sessions
  • Reassign sessions to other members of the Space
  • Close or reopen sessions by marking them as Resolved/Unresolved
  • Share session links
  • Have a private session with another Space member