Resolw's Custom Session feature is super handy, as you can personalise a Session with someone's nickname, a customer ID number - whatever you like!



1. To create a new Custom Session, open the Sessions menu and click on this icon, and from there choose 'Create Session':



2. Enter the details as prompted - You can name the session, choose a room to host the session, and pick an assignee (this will override the usual routing order for the Room).

3. Finally, you can send the invitation directly from Resolw using our in-built SMS option. You can also choose to copy the link so that you can share it however you wish!


Good to know:

  • Only Admins and Space Owners can create Custom Sessions.
    • If you cannot see the Create Custom Session menu when you sign in, double check with your Space Owner that you have been appointed as an Admin. 
  • Resolw will remember your Custom Session. 
    • If you send a new Custom Session link to someone who has previously joined a Custom Session with you, it will reopen the previous session so you can start off where you left off. Session history will not be saved if cookies/cache are cleared, or if the Custom Session link is opened on a different device.