Welcome messages will be the first thing people see when they open a Session via your Resolw link. 

When you're online, you can set a welcome message. When you're offline, set a message to let people know when you'll be back.

  1. The Welcome Messages are already pre-set with some basics, but you can personalise them in the Room Settings menu.
  2. Each room can have unique messages and they can be amended at any time.
  3. Open up the Room Settings for the room you would like to change, and click the Edit Welcome Messages button.
  4. Now you can add messages that will be shown to people when they connect to you:
    • Default Welcome Message. Each time a someone connects to the chat when you're available, they’ll be welcomed with the message you enter here. 
    • All Room members are set to “Don’t Disturb”. If everyone's offline, leave people a message to let them know when they can reach you.
    • All members of this Room are on a call. When you're busy taking other calls, let people know that you’ll be with them shortly.