You can change the following settings for each of your Rooms:

  • Room name

  • Identifier

  • The routing order

  • Public link extension (The end of your URL)

    • Please keep in mind that if you change your link extension then you’ll need to update the public link anywhere you've published it, or people won’t be able to reach you!




If you're using Resolw via a web browser:

  • Open up the Rooms menu, and select the Room you want to update.
  • In the top right hand corner, you'll see a gear icon (shown below), which will open up the Room Settings. 



If you're using the Resolw mobile app:

  • Open the Rooms tab and find the Room you wish to update.
  • Next to the Room name, you'll find a green gear icon, which will open up the Room Settings. 



Don't forget to save when you're all done!